120th Anniversary of our National Flag Day 3rd and 4th September

The 11th Light Horse Troop and Military Museum have celebrated tour National Flag day since 2007, and this year the “Caboolture Historical Village” will revive the conduct of the “Australian National Flag Day” event in 2021. celebration of the 120th anniversary of our Australian Flag will take place on Friday & Saturday the 3rd and 4th of September. 

It will be planned & conducted by the members of the Caboolture Historical Society, the 11th Light Horse Military Museum and enthusiastic supportersfrom the district.

The people of the Moreton Bay region stem from many different countries and we believe that understanding between people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and also different age and social groups has been greatly enhanced over the years by the “Australian National Flag Day Event”.

Of course, the year 2021 represents 120 years since our Australian Flag was first unfurled and proudly flown aloft “live and free”. Acknowledging the anniversary of our Australian National Flag gives us all a chance to come together to celebrate.

The Anniversary falls on Friday 3rd September and it will be a small but significant ceremony at the Museum involving Cadets and students from visiting schools.
On Saturdsy 4th September 2021, the Flag Ceremony is only a part of the activities, being part of a Pageant starting at 9:00am, to which the district is invited with FREE ENTRY to the Village for the Pageant. 

This promises to be a great Family occasion and ADMISSION IS FREE:

The Pageant will be as follows:
  • The Ormiston Heritage Pipes and Drum Band will be performing with the Naval Cadets of T.S. Koopa, who will perform Drill Manoevers;
  • Gold Prospectors going to the Gympie Goldfields will parade around the Arena;
  • A Military Cadet Unit will enter the Arena and demonstrate Manouvers, and they will be followed by a second Military Cadet Unit ;
  • An Air Force cadet Unit wil be commemorating 100th Anniversary of the formation of the Royal Australian Air Force, and will demonstrate different Drill Routines.
  • The Pageant starts with the Military Vehicle display, which includes a 1943 Ford Jeep, and is followed by some historic vehicles – a 1923 Chevrolet Roadster,
  • A 1931 Triumph Scorpion Car, and a 190 Pontiac Bonneville.
  • Horses then feature in the Parade, including two Fresian horses pulling the Light Horse General Service Wagon made in 1916, a Clydesdale Mare, and a Light Horse Trooper mounted on a Thoroughbred;
  • The Manly -Lota RSL Ceremonial Band will then present the “Fort Lytton Drums”
  • The Flag Raising Ceremony wil then take place;
At the conclusin of the Flag Ceremony, about 1:00pm, visitors can inspect the many museums located in the Caboolture Historical Village.
Food and drinks are available in the Village.

Flags are a way of expressing the identity and pride of a group of people. Every sovereign nation on earth flies its own national flag. The year 2021 represents the 120th anniversary of our Australian National Flag. In answer to the question how best can the Caboolture Historical Village mark this anniversary, the decision was made to stage an "HISTORICAL PAGEANT". The family friendly historical pageant has been carefully designed to be interesting, educational, entertaining and in addition endeavours to stimulate a spirit of harmony within the wider Australian community. There are eleven separate presentations in the historical pageant. Australia is made up of people from over 200 different nations. This multicultural nature of Australia is highlighted in one of the presentations which is a "Tribute to colonial Scottish Folk who migrated to Australia". Already there has been a lot of interest shown in this particular segment and promises to be one of the highlights.

Bob Whitehouse

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