2019 – 2020 AGM – Chairman’s Report

Firstly, I would like everyone to remember DONALD (DON), BARTON, one of our Patrons, who passed away on 19/10/2019. Could we have a minutes silence.

2020 has been a strange and draining year for all of us.  In this year the strain on some members to get through has been large and in some cases unforgiving, but we keep moving on.  The year in review started last year, and our achievements to March 2020 have been overshadowed by the final three months.

A number of members have spent some time in hospital this year, but I am pleased to say all are recovering.

I would like to thank all who have helped, in their own way through out the year at working bees, Sausage sizzles and other ways, but i would like to thank ‘Keith who has kept working on keeping us all moving in one direction.  He has also had to deal with me as well as everything else.

We have been fortunate to have been had grants from the Moreton Bay Regional Council and from Stocklands.   The grant from MBRC allowed Stage 1 on the Annex to proceed but unfortunately stage 2 for weather protection has not proceeded.  The completion of Stage 1 has been delayed by the COVID 19 lockdown of the Museum, but today the wagons are back under cover on concrete.  The MBRC grant also permitted further extension f our website, and this has been augmented by the Stockland Grant which is allowing us to add details and notices to the webpage as they arise. 

We have not been successful in getting a grant for the Hotchkiss LMG, but it will be available in future when funds and a Grant permit.

There are two projects which require urgent attention in future.  Our Weapons Display has never been completed – it requires signage, and a computer activated system to point out the items and their action sounds and there are some funds in reserve for this project.  Our Bofors Gun needs a lot of parts as well as a clean and paint job – but we have to raise funds or do some swaps to get the parts.

We are continuing to deal with Weapons Licencing on a number of issues, and whilst they are listening to us and in some areas quite sympathetic, we will have to work with our local members to effect changes, particularly the recognition of Museums in the Legislation.

I am sure that next year things will get better especially if we all pull together.

Leon Coad – President

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