Bofors Gun Restoration Project

As many of you know, in 2019 we purchased a tired and stripped Bofors Gun from the Australian Defence Forces, and it has been secured at our Museum

We subsequently made a slab using money from another project and the gun is now mounted as shown in Photo 1, with the gun on its own pad.  The Elevating and Traverse gearing is still intact.

The photo No 2 is from the Bofors Gun Technical Manual – TM 9-1252- 24-04-1942 and shows what the gun should look like – As you can see there are many missing parts, so we can restore it.

This is an appeal for parts which we can acquire to make the gun not only more presentable, but also functional to the extent that we can raise and lower the gun, & travers it as if it were in its glory fighting for australia. It can never be fired again but it can be restored to look like it could.

We are seeking an expression of interest from persons who have spare parts from whom we can negotiate a fair price or swap items from our treasures. The following is a list of the parts we wish to acquire as soon as possible, with, where possible, a photo from the manual has been shown.

  • 4 only shells with a variety of projectiles
  • Firing Mechanism (although we cannot use it all)
  • Power Drive (although we cannot use it all)
  • Traversing Mechanism (SEE Traversing Mechanism Parts)
  • Crank Drive & Seat
  • Elevating Mechanism
  • Assembly Platform
  • Rear Sights etc
  • Platform Assembly
  • Anything Else – Breech Cover, Wheels

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