David Albert Stanley Brownsey- Long Time Member of the Troop

David Brownsey   8th November 1941-25th May 2021.

Tribute from a member:  David was one of our early supporters and a very generous member, as well as being a long-term member of the village until they had a dispute over his long storage shed…

Our group, back in 2006, has tried to raise $8,000 to try to keep in our possession a Australian AIF war souvenir captured German WW1 MG08 that the Arms Collectors guild had possession of but we had on display for some years due to a “memorandum of understanding” between the previous owner, the guild and us some years earlier…that we had at the time.  The Guild sold it to another….

Anyway, David Brownsey in the mean time, generously gave the troop $4000 to help buy it with other donations from the Howards, the York’s, Case Pompe and Leon Coad.  Having missed out on the gun, we then used about $3000 of that money to buy the GS wagon you see restored today…

David attended many fairs, shows and events to demonstrate and promote us, the village, with his communication equipment – in particular his working WW2 USA Teletype Machine and Flying Doctor’s Peddle Radio Set…both rare sets back then…

David’s funeral was attended by the Secretary, Keith Nix, who knew David slightly, as David trained under Keith’s father, the late Ralph (Jack) Nix, the Telecom Senior Technician in Rockhampton in the 1690s.  The image is a double sided handout at the Funeral, which was well attended, and had 10 or more speakers.  David was well known and well liked in the community.  It is of interest that David was awarded the United Nations International Award in 2000, for his work with the 111th Light Horse Caboolture.


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