The Museum purchased an M60 machine gun from the Australian Army in 2018, and shortly thereafter Alan Mobrey (a Licenced Armourer) donated the Helicopter mount from the helicopter used for the making of the film “Danger Close – the Battle of Long Tan”.  At the time we were constructing the Display store with a Grant from the Queensland Government’s ANZAC Grant programme and one of our Troopers, Jonathan Orr, constructed the Helicopter Scene shown in the photo below

The Display Cabinet, which features Armour Glass viewing windows was opened on Australia Day 2019 by Hon Mark Ryan MP, Minister for Police and Corrective Services.

At the moment we can only display a small clip of the ammunition belt and the 200 round ammunition supply box (donated by Trooper Keith Nix. small

Three of our Troopers are making the completion of the ammunition belt complete, being Les Howard, a founding member for the supply of .308 cartridge cases, Robert Schuss for the supply of the Links, and Peter Hartmann, who will polish the ammunition, assemble it and make the link.  The Projectiles, which as Full Metal Jacket, have been donated by Mr Jade Cleaver, of Cleaver Firearms, 27 Beaconsfield St MARGATE QLD 4019.  We thank Jade for his donation of the hard to get .308 FMJs.

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