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There are several membership options available but the usual membership route for new applicants unknown to the Troop and its members is through Associate Membership. Once known to Troop Members through active participation in Troop activities, Associate members may proceed to full membership. Associate members have all the rights and access to Troop activities as full members but cannot vote at meetings or hold office. Further, Associate Members cannot become Ordinary Members until 12 months have elapsed since they joined. Once Associate Membership is conferred, you may enter our Members Store to purchase items, where there are some items we cannot sell to the General Public, such as ammunition (as members of the Troop and as long as we stay as members, we are approved as licenced ammunition collectors via the Department of Mines blanket coverage for the Troop) and also weapons (if you are appropriately licenced) acquired by the museum can only be sold.

Please fill in the form below and submit for our processing. We’ll contact you within a couple of days to confirm that we’ve received your application and let you know the progress through our approval process.

Associate Member

$ 60
  • no voting rights but may participate in shoot days and buy and sell goods


$ 1000
  • Sponsor – an organization or person donation $1000 or more per year to the Troop – Tax Deductible
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