Ivan Noel Wall

Ivan Noel Wall – Past President and Life Member of the Troop

Ivan Noel Wall was born at South Grafton, Northern New South Wales on the 30th August 1938.   It is no secret that Ivan embraced living in Queensland and was a fair dinkum Queenslander through and through —- that is except at “State of Origin” time when he MOST DEFINITELY was a very one-eyed Blues supporter.   It goes to show that roots are very important to people.                                                     

Ivan passed away on 25/03/2019, and his life was celebrated with a very well attended service at Caboolture on the 27th April 2019.

Ivan was brought up in a rural environment in Northern N.S.W. and he had a great appreciation for country life.  Ivan’s grandfather was a teamster (or bullocky — which of course is an Australian English term for a person who “drives” a team of bullocks).  Ivan Wall’s grandfather owned his own bullock team and Ivan’s father also   assisted his grandfather with this work.

At the age of just fourteen, Ivan lost his Dad and this impacted Ivan’s life tremendously.  His school education was curtailed and Ivan had to join the work force much earlier than would otherwise have been the case.  Ivan worked on cattle stations and also did a significant amount of timber cutting.  At the age of eighteen, Ivan was called up to do his compulsory National Service which he did at Wacol Army Camp.  Ivan’s army service number was 2/771725.   Ivan later joined the N.S.W. railways and spent many years working as a train guard.

Ivan Wall was a true Christian gentleman and as most people know, Ivan had a great love of both bush and gospel poetry.   Ivan was a prolific composer of poetry and he will be remembered as a very well known poet and entertainer in Queensland and Northern N.S.W.

Ivan was both a hard working and popular member of the Caboolture National Servicemen’s Association and became the Vice President of that organisation on the 15th March 2012.  

From memory, Ivan Wall joined “The 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop & Military Museum Association” in late 2009.   Amongst the many things that Ivan achieved was convincing both the Caboolture National Servicemen’s Association and the 11th Light Horse to work more closely together to obtain better outcomes for both organisations.

Ivan Wall will be remembered for many things — not the least of which was his enthusiasm and his great love for his fellow man.  Ivan always saw the best in a person and at all times, he made a huge effort to understand and help other people and indeed make gentle the life of our world.  From memory, Ivan became President of the 11th Light Horse in late 2010 and immediately made a significant impact on all of the members of the 11th Light Horse Association.  

In 2017, Ivan Wall was granted honorary life membership of The 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop & Military Museum Association.   As most people would attest, being with Ivan Wall was always fun.  With Ivan’s passing, we have all lost a good friend – somebody on whom we could always rely.

Tribute prepared by Bob Whitehouse

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