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November 2018

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Emails & Form for auctions

If you do not wish to use the form for donations, or sponsorship you may simply copy and paste the url and use your own computer, but using the form helps us and it also ensures that an email of what you send goes back to you.

Please use the form for Membership Applications, or we will be sending emails to ask the questions not answered.


The Display Store

The Display Store is progressing well, and all concrete has been poured.

I expect that the builder has removed the blocks and we will have access from Tuesday.

I need some helpers on Tuesday 6th November 2018 and again on Friday 19th November 2018.

I will be at the Museum from 8am till 11:30 am Tuesday. Hopefully we can start installing the window and door frames. We also need to get the whole of the blockwork washed clean of dust ready for Friday.

On Friday I will be there from 8am till 3pm when the Limber Wagon is picked up.
The work is in stalling the windows and doors, and waterproofing the entire internal surface of the blockwork and floor.

There will be other working bees on a Tuesday and I will advise how we are going at the appropriate time.

RSL - Jameson Park St 10th November

This was two years ago, 2018

The Troop participated in the celebration of the 100 years since the Armistice on 11/11/1918.



We have made a change to the website to allow you to bid on items, and we have added new items.

Until we get organised with the Membership List and give you passwords you should visit the store, and send me a Bid by email (curator) describing the item and giving your name.

If you tell me the highest price you are prepared to bid tell me that and if another bids for it I can adjust your bid.

If you think the starting price is too high put in a bid and if the item is unsold I may consider giving it to you as the highest bidder.

As soon as I can I will enter the Bid price on the webpage for you.

Keith Nix
Arms Curator & Treasurer

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