History of the Association

The 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop & Military Museum was formed in 1989 from a group of enthusiastic military history buffs and horse owners. The Museum preserves and displays artefacts and photographic memorabilia from all branches and periods of military service.

In 1992 an understanding was reached with the Caboolture Historical Society to build a small but significant military museum within the grounds of the Caboolture Historical village.

The new military museum was formally opened on Anzac Day, 25 April 1992.

Over the years, the Troop – with the assistance of the Historical Village and other clubs, has progressed from a display-oriented Troop to a Museum based organisation – with links to other societies & groups.

The troop has participated in Anzac Day parades around South East Queensland and has provided school talks plus uniformed & horsed demonstrations.

The recognition from the Queensland Police Service as an Approved Historical Society and D.G.R. status (Donations with a receipt for$2 or more are tax deductible.) from the Australian Tax Office has enabled us to offer visitors & members an opportunity to participate directly and in the purchase & preservation of the displays of items in this Museum today.

We are also an approved Ammunition Collectors Association with the Queensland Department of Mines & Energy, so members may purchase ammunition under our licence.

A large full-size diorama of a ”Desert scene” of a fully outfitted 11th Light Horse Trooper and Officer as they were for the Middle Eastern desert campaigns of 1916/18. Plus the only known working W.W.1 Limbered Wagon & G.S. Wagon in the South East Queensland area!

We changed our name in 2018 to Caboolture Light Horse Association & Military Museum to more accurately reflect the nature of our membership and displays within our museum.

Catering for Cadets

Since the 1860’s many young Australians have been introduced to military life and undergone military training in the navy, army & air force cadets.

Until recently there were not any organisations in Australia that catered for former cadets. In a first for Australia and in addition to its normal activities, the museum decided to extend its focus and now includes former navy, army and air force cadets in its membership. Former cadets are invited to join the Caboolture Light Horse Association & Military Museum.

The Troop also established an Aviation Museum from artefacts and memorabilia collected, which is now housed within and managed by the Caboolture Historical Museum.
Membership is $30/pa and benefits are numerous.

The Caboolture Light Horse Association & Military Museum Association Inc., inside the grounds of the Caboolture Historical Village, achieved a successful outcome from a petition started in early 2009 to have voluntary cadet service tangibly recognised.

The petition led to a subsequent submission which was considered in August 2010 by the Joint Cadet Operations Committee which has the participation of the National Commanders (civilian), Chiefs of staff (regular) of the respective service-cadet organisations as well as Brigadier W.T.B. Sowry, the Deputy Head of Cadet Reserve and employer Support Division.

Brigadier Sowry has advised that the submission from the 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop and Military Museum Association Inc. received considerable discussion and that there was no resistance to the creation of a suitable lapel badge recognising cadet service, and in fact it was positively recommended that a lapel badge be manufactured and made available for private purchase.

The executive of the Caboolture Light Horse Association & Military Museum Association Inc. have decided to act on the Joint Cadet Operations Committee’s recommendation and a small lapel badge based on the A.D.F. Cadet’s Emblem has been designed and manufactured.

For the first time in almost 150 years, former cadets are able to acquire a badge which they can wear with pride and distinction and will tangibly identify themselves and their service with the cadet organisation. Like other association badges the ex-cadets are able to wear the badge at their discretion.

The badge is available from the Caboolture Light Horse Association & Military Museum Association Inc. for the price of eleven dollars ($11) GST included and may be obtained by placing an order on our Merchandise page. Ex-cadets may join our association by filling in the form on our Membership page.

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